What wedding favors mean to us

A story

Growing up in a culture where there were no limitations to sending extravagant and luxurious wedding announcements and favors, I always thought weddings were between a prince and a  princess or somehow right after a couple got engaged, the bride and groom turned into some fairytale creatures who owned every bit of magic and happiness in the world.

Yes, to me weddings were every bit of that childhood fantasy wonderland where the bride was a princess and the groom, a prince. 

Perhaps it was all the attention they got or all the beautiful dresses and gifts they received and gave. 

It all started with my aunt's beautiful wedding, which is etched in my memory and the thrill and excitement I had felt then, as a 6 year old. Watching an ordinary life turn extraordinary...with a ring. 

There were celebrations every day for a whole month and the guests always went home with some form of a boxed delight. 

On one occasion I had walked into my grandparents living room, which was the main venue for the small functions leading up to the big wedding day, and remember standing there eyes wide open, in awe.

There were silver platters all over filled with traditional sweets, dry fruits, and flowers shimmering under their crystal chandelier. 

Each platter had been engraved with a personalized  thank you message from my grandparents to their guests. Who needs a card when you can just have an entire paragraph engraved into silver I say.  

Every occasion, Ramadan, Eid and birthday that came after getting engaged, meant that the bride and groom and their family would get showered with gifts from both the families.

Wedding favors meant, an excited me opening them to check what was inside. No matter what the contents or size, they were always a joy to receive. 

A favor is from the heart to say thank you and it really does not matter how elaborate or simple it is, as long as it puts a smile on your face.

We at Quite Quaint believe in giving our couples the best bespoke favor solutions according to their theme and budget. 

We make things with love and age old experience of being around wedding favors (trust me!). We want you and your guests to feel magical and cherished on your wedding day! : ) 

Love, Nazy 

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